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The Complete Guide to Nonprofit Strategic Planning

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  • Better time management. You’ll gain a better sense of which tasks you can eliminate from daily activities to save time. If something doesn’t align with your priorities, you can rearrange your staff’s responsibilities to reorient the team around your strategic plan. 
  • Ability to say no to activities or projects that don’t align with your priorities. Whenever new ideas arise, you’ll have a clearer sense of direction for which ideas should be pushed forward and which shouldn’t. 
  • Improved staff and board management. A strategic plan ensures board and staff members understand their roles and have clearly defined responsibilities.
  • Better understanding of your guiding principles. Undergoing the process of reviewing your organization’s principles and retooling your approach to achieving your goals can help rally everyone around your guiding priorities. 
  • Opportunity to clarify/strengthen your organization’s mission statement. Use the strategic planning process as an opportunity to carve a niche for your nonprofit in the industry by strengthening your mission statement. Get to the heart of your mission by inviting input from individuals both inside and outside of your organization. 
  • Opportunity to assess results. When top leaders are involved in both goal-setting and follow-through, they’ll be more likely to set realistic goals and understand their role in working toward those goals.
This graphic displays the benefits of nonprofit strategic planning.
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