Fundraising Solutions

Fundraising Solutions

We provide a deeper understanding of why donors give and strategies for helping your organization raise more money.

The Philanthropy Blueprint

The Philanthropy

The Philanthropy Blueprint is part process, part product, designed to elevate your ability to cultivate donors and raise money.
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Feasibility Study

Capital Campaign
Feasibility Study

We will help you determine if your organization is ready for a capital campaign, how much you can expect to raise, and how to prepare.
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Successful Campaign Leadership

Successful Capital
Campaign Leadership

We will help you ensure success by building a sound infrastructure for your campaign and serving as your accountability partner.
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“Sitting in a national conference in Chicago focused on major gifts, I realized I already had a sound understanding of development and stewardship principles thanks to my previous work with Aly Sterling Philanthropy. I left that conference feeling great about my skills and the fundraising resources offered by ASP.”

Matt Shanahan
Development Professional | Graduate of The Fundraising Series

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4 Tips for Using Direct Mail in a Capital Campaign

4 Tips for Using Direct Mail in a Capital Campaign

Even in a digital age, direct mail still forms the backbone of nonprofit fundraising. There’s nothing quite like putting a tangible item in a potential donor’s hands, reminding them of your organization and the importance of your cause.  Plus, not only is direct mail...

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Get your free nonprofit crisis-response toolkit

Get your free nonprofit crisis-response toolkit

If the world seems like a mixed up, confusing place right now, you’re not alone. We agree and created this toolkit to help you make sense of the challenges confronting your nonprofit. It’s steeped in the basics: communicate regularly with stakeholders, diversify your revenue stream, use technology better, engage your board members in…

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Here’s how to adjust course now if your fundraising eggs are all in one basket

Here’s how to adjust course now if your fundraising eggs are all in one basket

These are rocky times for all nonprofits, and especially those that rely on one major event or a handful of corporate sponsorships to get by. All it takes is one cancellation or budget cut to spell the end of a mission. That’s why we believe that diverse revenue streams are the key to sustaining nonprofit missions in any environment. And here’s the good news…

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