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Better boards make better nonprofits. And better nonprofits make better communities.

A thriving nonprofit sector is critical to a region’s robust culture, sense of community and social services, but it depends on having a healthy pipeline of potential board members to serve as leaders for those organizations.

The Board Member Accelerator Series | Epic Toledo

Does your community have enough highly skilled, engaged board members to go around?

Our Board Member Accelerator Series was created to deliver a hands-on education that empowers emerging leaders to successfully govern nonprofit organizations.

We’ve designed this six-session workshop to accommodate busy schedules and cover key topics through direct instruction, interactive exercises and small group discussion.

You can help prepare the next generations of leaders to serve your community.

Participation in this six-session series covers:


The board member’s purpose, roles and responsibilities, including the fiduciary and legal responsibilities.


Basic training on best practices in nonprofit fundraising, marketing, leadership, succession planning, strategic planning, conflict resolution, finances and how to be an ambassador for an organization.


Signs of a healthy board and organization, and ideas for how to handle some common challenges that could arise.


An exploration of participants’ personal values and skills, and how to research and identify nonprofits whose missions light them on fire.

“The most impactful thing that that I took away from this course was to not just fill a seat on a board. I need to make a huge difference, make an impact.”

Sarah Tadesse
Graduate of The Board Member Accelerator Series

You can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

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