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Nonprofit Consultants: Top 25 Partners for Your Organization

Grow your nonprofit's mission through working with a nonprofit consultant.

Whether you are seeking expertise or a fresh perspective, a nonprofit consultant can help your organization reach its maximum potential.

A nonprofit consultant provides specialized advice to develop strategies, implement new processes, tackle a project or strengthen a specific area of your organization. Depending on the size of your organization, your team may lack experience and knowledge in fields like HR, technology, fundraising or compliance. These gaps are where a nonprofit consultant can be the most beneficial.

No matter what, a successful and sustainable nonprofit requires an array of specialized skills on top of a strong foundation. As you work to improve your organization and help it reach new heights, it’s wise to continuously revisit and reassess the basics too.

What are the foundational elements of a nonprofit?

  1. Mission statement. Every nonprofit organization needs a clear and well-defined purpose. This statement acts as a guiding light to align your goals and efforts, and as such, it’s important to revisit it to ensure everyone is on the same page.  Be sure to conduct regular research to confirm you are meeting the specific and current needs of your constituents. 
  2. Board of directors. Your board members are a key source of power and guidance for your organization. Effective leadership is critical to your nonprofit’s ability to meet its goals.
  3. Legal documentation. The designation of “nonprofit” requires a lot of paperwork! Even long after you’ve filed for incorporation and earned tax-exempt status, you’ll need to submit documentation to stay in compliance with local, state and national regulations. Depending on the nature of your organization, you may also need industry-specific licenses. 
  4. Fundraising strategies. A sustainable organization has diverse revenue streams. Your fundraising strategies will be specific to your organization and your supporters, but they may include grant seeking, virtual fundraising platforms, corporate giving, or even a capital campaign.
  5. Business activities. Nonprofits must also engage in typical business activities including HR, accounting, marketing, and IT. Depending on the size of your organization, you may have teams to handle these needs internally or rely on services and software from outside vendors.

As you know, these components require a wide range of expertise and a considerable amount of time and effort to handle successfully. Hiring a nonprofit consultant can help, whether with your overall strategy or addressing specific pain points.

Consultants can both make major improvements to a seasoned organization and position a young nonprofit on the fast track to success. No matter what stage your organization is in, the right nonprofit consultant can help you move forward and address new challenges. 

If your organization is ready to hire a nonprofit consultant, consider some of these top service providers:

  1. Aly Sterling Philanthropy
  2. DNL OmniMedia
  3. Artisan E-Learning
  4. AccuData Integrated Marketing
  5. Astron Solutions
  6. Cornershop Creative
  7. Jitasa Group
  8. GivingMail
  9. Grants Plus
  10. Donorly
  11. MarketSmart
  12. Harbor Compliance
  13. LCK Consulting
  14. ScienceSoft
  15. Zobrio
  16. Changing Our World
  17. Ahern Communications
  18. BWF
  19. Sleek Consulting
  20. Westfall Gold
  21. Whole Whale
  22. The Helen Brown Group
  23. Thompson Habib Denison Inc
  24. NextAfter
  25. Campbell & Company

Each nonprofit consulting firm has a specialty and addresses different nonprofit needs. Below, we’ve gathered our list of top picks for nonprofit consultants. Keep reading to find the best one for your organization.


Aly Sterling Philanthropy is the ideal solution for any of your nonprofit consulting needs.

1. Aly Sterling Philanthropy | Top Nonprofit Consultant For Comprehensive Services

Aly Sterling Philanthropy’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

Aly Sterling Philanthropy is a partnership-driven nonprofit consulting firm that caters to a wide variety of needs including fundraising, strategic planning, board leadership and crisis planning. 

Aly Sterling Philanthropy offers nonprofit consulting services in the following areas:

  • Fundraising solutions. This firm will help you understand and cultivate your donors and provide strategies to help your nonprofit raise more money. 
  • Strategic planning. Aly Sterling Philanthropy consultants will guide your nonprofit through a three-step strategic planning process of assess, align and act. They will conduct a comprehensive assessment to align goals with organizational values, then develop a bold action plan for moving forward.
  • Board governance. This firm will help you assess, strengthen and energize your board members to maximize performance. Aly Sterling Philanthropy’s tested system can establish a foundation for effective board work today and tomorrow.

Aly Sterling Philanthropy’s thoughtful, experienced solutions can position any nonprofit for success.

Why does Aly Sterling Philanthropy stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

Aly Sterling Philanthropy excels at helping well-established nonprofits meet their goals. Their all-around expertise has helped a wide range of organizations raise millions of dollars, engage their leaders and grow their missions. No matter what type of consulting service your nonprofit is seeking, Aly Sterling Philanthropy shines at powering both immediate growth and long-term development.

Check out the Aly Sterling Philanthropy website for more information about their nonprofit consulting services.

When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

If you want a partner who works with your organization to create powerful results, Aly Sterling Philanthropy’s consultants are a perfect fit. This nonprofit consulting firm believes in the power of positivity and staying the course, and their optimistic yet holistic approach can help your organization continue on the road to success even in unusual circumstances.

DNL is the best nonprofit for technology.

2. DNL OmniMedia | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Technology

DNL OmniMedia’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

DNL OmniMedia is a nonprofit consulting firm that works to maximize the power of technology for social good. 

DNL OmniMedia provides a variety of services to help nonprofits leverage tech-based tools and establish an effective digital strategy, including:

  • Web development. A functional, well-designed website is a key touchpoint for interacting with prospective supporters. DNL OmniMedia can create the perfect digital home for your organization with its nonprofit web design services.
  • Technical strategy. Your DNL consultant will conduct a tech assessment to determine what tools are the best fit for your organization. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to digital presence, and DNL can help you find unique opportunities in your existing tech stack or get started with new platforms.
  • Data management and analytics. DNL OmniMedia can help you organize and analyze information on any platform so that you can find actionable insights. Powerful data mining tools and detailed visualizations help you find and understand the most critical data.

With DNL OmniMedia, every piece of technical strategy and line of code is tailor-made for your organization.

Why does DNL OmniMedia stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

Team DNL not only has experience and trusted partnerships with the platforms you’re already using, but it also understands what’s coming next for the industry. Many nonprofits don’t have a dedicated tech team, and even those that do must face the challenge of a constantly evolving digital ecosystem. DNL OmniMedia can fill in those gaps and provide the expert advice you need to make technology work for you.

Head to the DNL OmniMedia website for more information about their nonprofit consulting services.

When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

If you’re tired of troubleshooting your software or overwhelmed by the sea of nonprofit platforms available, DNL OmniMedia has consultants who can help. Their expertise will help you find the perfect solution, whether your nonprofit is looking to solve a specific technical challenge or seeking an entire digital strategy.

Artisan E-Learning is the best nonprofit consultant for training.for

3. Artisan E-Learning | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Training

Artisan E-Learning’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

Artisan E-Learning develops custom e-learning courses for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. By combining digital learning best practices with expert content, Artisan can help your volunteers and employees perform more effectively.

Artisan offers several services to help nonprofits facilitate stronger e-learning opportunities for their teams, including:

  • Custom e-learning courses: The Artisan team can help your nonprofit build content from the ground up or improve upon an existing course. Whether you are looking to train your employees on a CRM workflow or onboard new volunteers, a custom course is the best way to create a comprehensive and consistent educational experience.
  • Microlearning courses: This newe-learning trend means bite-sized content around a focused concept. Artisan’s approach to microlearning is both meaningful and accessible, so your team can engage with targeted content without needing to delve into hours of material.
  • Conversion and translation: Whether you’re switching from Flash to HTML 5 or translating your content into a new language, Artisan E-Learning can streamline the transition.

Your internal team may not have the bandwidth to take advantage of 2020’s best practices for e-learning. With a nonprofit consultant from Artisan E-Learning, you’ll be well-equipped to create effective training experiences in the era of remote work and beyond.

Why does Artisan E-Learning stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

Artisan offers custom e-learning development to tailor your training content to your nonprofit’s needs. This nonprofit consultant’s expertise in the digital learning space translates into courses that are accessible, engaging, customizable and adaptable. With experience working with organizations like Goodwill and the American Red Cross, the team at Artisan E-Learning has seen firsthand how innovative training efforts can help nonprofits meet their goals.

Check out the Artisan E-Learning website to learn more about their nonprofit consulting services.

When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

Especially in an era of social distancing, organizations everywhere are turning to e-learning for their educational needs. If your current training efforts are falling flat, developing a nonprofit e-learning course with Artisan is a great way to pivot. 

AccuData is the best nonprofit consultant for data marketing.

4. AccuData Integrated Marketing | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Data Marketing

AccuData’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

AccuData Integrated Marketing provides data-driven marketing solutions to nonprofits and other organizations. By working with AccuData, you can gather and understand accurate, comprehensive data about your current donors and prospective supporters.

AccuData’s analytics-driven nonprofit consulting services include:

  • Direct marketing: Direct email and direct mail campaigns are only effective when you target the appropriate audience. To find the right audience, you need strong data about prospects. AccuData can help your nonprofit develop a multichannel direct marketing campaign that maximizes your ROI.
  • Fundraising analytics: AccuData’s focus on data hygiene ensures your prospect data stays clean, updated and usable. Then, wealth screening analysis helps you target the individuals who are most likely and most able to support your cause.
  • Campaign management: The AccuData team can provide end-to-end campaign management from concept to reporting, all the while employing data-fueled insights for maximum performance.

Why does AccuData Integrated Marketing stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

It’s no secret that strong data is essential to successful fundraising efforts. You want a nonprofit consultant who knows exactly how to find and leverage the right data to help your organization reach its goals. With 30 years of experience and leadership in the industry, AccuData offers unrivaled expertise in and access to consumer data.

AccuData is the best nonprofit consultant for data marketing.

When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

If you’re considering a large-scale donor acquisition campaign, you may want to hire a nonprofit consultant that specializes in data marketing. AccuData may also be a good fit for your nonprofit if you know your donor CRM needs a detox.

Astron Solutions is the best nonprofit consultant for HR management.

5. Astron Solutions | Top Nonprofit Consultant for HR Management

Astron Solutions’ Nonprofit Consulting Services

Astron Solutions helps small and mid-sized organizations manage and support their teams. For many nonprofit organizations, HR practices don’t scale as quickly as the rest of the organization develops. Even for organizations that already have a strong talent management system in place, there’s always room for improvement.

That’s where Astron Solutions comes in. Their nonprofit HR consulting services power employee engagement by offering assistance with:

  • Day-to-day HR needs. The Astron team can help you streamline payroll, establish systems for performance reviews and even implement commission and incentive systems.
  • Long-term HR strategy. The policies and systems you use to manage your team can have a big impact on the development and success of your organization. Astron Solutions will guide you through best practices for employee compensation, retention and more. Your consultant can even help you administer new programs or changes in the event of a crisis.
  • Talent management software. Astron also provides the tools you need to manage your team effectively with a cloud-based management suite.

Why does Astron Solutions stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

The success and quality of your employees are factors that contribute directly to your nonprofit’s ability to meet its goals. In order to grow and succeed, you need a strategy that reflects this.

After more than 20 years of working with nonprofits, Astron Solutions has the experience and knowledge necessary to work with your organization on an HR strategy that works for you and your employees.

Visit Astron Solutions' homepage for more information about their nonprofit consulting services.

When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

For nonprofits just starting out, choosing a nonprofit consultant like Astron that specializes in HR is a meaningful investment in the future. But whether this is your organization’s first year or fiftieth, Astron Solutions can help you develop an individualized HR strategy to get the most out of your team.

Cornershop Creative is the best nonprofit consultant for web design.

6. Cornershop Creative | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Web Design

Cornershop Creative’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

Cornershop Creative creates functional and beautiful websites for nonprofits. To stand out online, your nonprofit needs not only an aesthetically pleasing design but also a streamlined user experience. Cornershop Creative’s nonprofit consultants offer expertise in these areas and more so that your organization can put its best digital foot forward.

Cornershop Creative’s experienced designers and developers can provide:

  • Custom web design. From designing a visual overhaul to building a customized interactive tool, the Cornershop Creative team has the skills to convert your concepts into code. They will work with you to plan and develop a website that can meet your needs far more effectively than an out-of-the-box page builder.
  • CRM integration. Tools work better when they work together. Cornershop Creative has experience building with some of the biggest nonprofit CRMs out there, including Salesforce, Salsa Labs, and Blackbaud. When your website is built to connect to your CRM, you won’t have to act as a mediator, leaving you more time to focus on your mission.
  • WordPress development and plugins. Cornershop Creative knows how to build sites that harness the complex capabilities of WordPress for your organization. Or, you may be one of the majority of nonprofits already using WordPress as your CMS. Cornershop Creative has also built plugins to solve problems and introduce features that improve the WordPress experience for nonprofits.

Why does Cornershop Creative stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

Cornershop Creative combines impressive technical know-how with a deep understanding of the nonprofit space. You don’t have to choose between a comprehensive web design team and a firm that understands your mission and challenges; Cornershop Creative is both. 

Even after your website is launched, the Cornershop team ensures you’ll have what you need to make updates and seek their support if necessary.

Head to the Cornershop Creative website for more information about their nonprofit consulting services.

When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

An excellent nonprofit website is an asset at any stage of your organization’s life cycle. If you are a progressive nonprofit seeking to upgrade your web presence or to start from scratch, Cornershop Creative is the perfect nonprofit consultant to help your organization do great things on the web.

Jitasa is the best nonprofit consulting firm for accounting.

7. Jitasa Group | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Accounting

Jitasa’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

Jitasa Group provides accounting services exclusively to nonprofits. With a name that means “The Spirit of Serving Others,” this firm is committed to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of nonprofits, no matter their size.

The nonprofit accounting experts at Jitasa offer:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping services. When working with a nonprofit accountant like a member of the Jitasa team, you’ll have an expert on your side to handle even the most difficult and complex accounting challenges. Plus, you’ll know your data is safe with their secure internal controls and procedures.
  • Tax services. From filing your Form 990 to handing state paperwork, nonprofit taxes are a complicated process. Jitasa offers a lineup of tax filing services for a simple, flat-rate fee depending on the form you need.

While Jitasa handles the books, you can focus your attention on the mission-based activities that matter most.

Why does Jitasa stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

While other nonprofit consultants may offer tax assistance or fundraising advice, Jitasa is the nation’s leading provider of accounting services for nonprofits. With over 1000 clients and many years in the industry, the Jitasa team is equipped to manage accounting and bookkeeping for nonprofits of any size, in any sector, and in any state.

Visit Jitasa's website for more information about their nonprofit consulting services.

When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

If you’re a small or mid-size organization, you may not have anyone in-house to handle your financials. Jitasa can fill in this gap with accounting and tax services at an affordable rate.

GivingMail is one of our favorite nonprofit consultants.

8. GivingMail | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Direct Mail Strategies

GivingMail’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

GivingMail is a top nonprofit consultant firm for organizations looking to strengthen or launch powerful direct mail strategies. Whether you’re looking for fundraising appeals in particular or would like to take a more generalized marketing and communication approach, GivingMail has  a perfect package for you.

GivingMail offers several impactful nonprofit consulting services, including:

  • Fundraising letter templates: Not sure where to get started drafting your fundraising letter? Leverage one of GivingMail’s many customizable templates to make sure you incorporate all the key elements of a successful direct mail campaign. Just remember to personalize each mailing to the intended recipient!
  • Visual design assistance: Even if you don’t have experienced graphic designers on your nonprofit team, GivingMail’s drag-and-drop platform with web-to-print functionality allows novice designers to craft beautiful mailings. Plus, they have a design team ready to help.
  • Donor list rentals: You don’t have to wait to build out an extensive list of supporter contact information before you can launch a direct mail campaign. Instead, GivingMail allows you to rent one of their donor lists, always complete with the most up-to-date information possible.

    Then, of course, they’ll work to print, stuff, and send your direct mailings to supporters in no time! 

    Direct mail strategies require an investment of time and effort. Luckily, GivingMail’s services are particularly useful if your team doesn’t have the capacity to do all the work on your own. Plus, outsourcing to an expert ensures supporters receive the highest quality, most visually appealing piece of mail possible.

    Why is GivingMail different from other nonprofit consulting firms?

    GivingMail sets itself apart from other consulting firms because of its strong emphasis on direct mail strategies. If you’re planning a direct mail-focused fundraising campaign, you’ll want to work with the most knowledgeable experts in the field to ensure you maximize your ROI. And in many cases, their services can actually help you save money that you would have otherwise spent on paper, ink, envelopes, and stamps.

    GivingMail is one of our favorite nonprofit consultants.

    When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

    If you’re looking to implement an upcoming direct mail fundraising or marketing campaign, GivingMail might be the best solution for you. Additionally, if you’re concerned that your existing list of donor contacts will not reap the results you’re seeking, working with GivingMail to rent one of their donor lists is a great idea.

    GrantsPlus is the best nonprofit consultant for grant seeking.

    9. Grants Plus | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Grant Seeking

    Grants Plus’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

    Grants Plus is a national leader in grant strategy that works to maximize nonprofit success in grant seeking.

    Applying for grants from government institutions, private foundations and corporate sources is a difficult yet critical part of nonprofit fundraising efforts. By partnering with the expert grant consultants at Grants Plus, nonprofits can strengthen their grant processes and make progress towards their goals.

    Grants Plus offers a variety of nonprofit consulting services to improve grant seeking success, including:

    • Grant writing. Their team can navigate the complex process of nonprofit grant writing from start to finish. Grants Plus can project manage the entire application, handling everything from collecting information, coordinating your team, and submitting
    • Grant proposal review. If you’ve already gone through the grant writing process, the experts at Grants Plus can evaluate your proposal to create the most competitive application possible. The team can suggest content edits, find technical issues and make overarching recommendations.
    • Training and coaching. Grants Plus can provide their expertise to your team in order to maximize your organization’s internal potential to win grants. They offer training and coaching services including webinars, a 30-day coaching program, new hire training for new grants staff and custom sessions for your staff or board.

    Why does Grants Plus stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

    First, the numbers speak for themselves: Grants Plus has helped raised $165 million in grant funding since its inception in 2007, and nonprofit clients that work with Grants Plus earn an average return on investment of 12x.

    Beyond this measurable value, this nonprofit consulting firm offers a personal touch. Grants Plus is guided by the philosophy that when they partner with your organization, their team becomes your team. 

    Go to GrantsPlus to learn more about their nonprofit consulting offerings.

    When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

    If you aren’t seeing success with your current grant seeking strategy, Grants Plus can help you implement best practices for your grant proposal efforts. No nonprofit consultant can promise a 100% grant application success rate, but Grants Plus comes with an impressive track record of proven results. 

    Donorly is the best nonprofit consultant for growing small organizations.

    10. Donorly | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Growing Small Organizations

    Donorly’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

    Donorly is a fundraising consulting firm that helps nonprofits fundraise beyond their size. This nonprofit consulting firm values donor research as one of the biggest keys to development. 

    Whatever your current needs, Donorly offers a research-focused package to help you get there. Their services include:

    • Yearlong plans. Donorly uses a holistic process to address your organization’s fundraising needs. First, they turn their research focus inward to assess your organization’s current culture, processes and problems. Then, the Donorly team plans and activates a comprehensive strategy to help you achieve your fundraising goals. The entire process relies on the “special sauce” of research that drives Donorly.
    • Individual projects. Donorly can provide research expertise to a one-off project like a feasibility study or capital campaign.
    • Ongoing research and staffing. You can take advantage of Donorly’s subscription-based development staffing or research offerings. If you need a research specialist on your fundraising team but aren’t yet ready to hire new full-time staff, Donorly can provide the help you need.

    These flexible plans allow any size organization to take advantage of Donorly’s offerings.

    Why does Donorly stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

    Donorly’s specialty is offering cost-effective solutions that make strong donor research available to even the smallest teams. With Donorly, your organization gets access to tools and data used by the largest nonprofits.

    Visit Donorly's website for more information about their nonprofit consulting services.

    When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

    Small nonprofits can still reap huge benefits from professional donor research, and Donorly makes this possible. If you’ve dismissed investing in donor research in the past due to your organization’s size, Donorly should give you a strong reason to reconsider. 

    MarketSmart is the best nonprofit consultant for major donors.

    11. MarketSmart | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Major Donors

    MarketSmart’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

    MarketSmart focuses exclusively on major and legacy gift donors.

    This nonprofit consultant operates under the philosophy that finding and scheduling meetings with prospects is the hardest part of securing major donors. MarketSmart handles those time-consuming and tedious tasks so that you can spend more time having meaningful conversations with qualified prospects.

    MarketSmart uses a donor-centric philosophy across services including:

    • Lead generation. MarketSmart can help you find and secure meetings with high-capacity philanthropic donors.
    • Lead qualification and prioritization. To be successful, your prospect portfolios must be properly populated. MarketSmart qualifies leads so you don’t waste valuable time. Then, they help you prioritize those leads so you know who to call and when in order to be most effective.
    • Relationship cultivation. MarketSmart’s automated engagement fundraising system helps you build trust over time. This nonprofit consultant can help you create communications that encourage donors to lean in and take action.

    All of MarketSmart’s offerings leverage technology to facilitate relationship building with less pressure and more joy.

    Why does MarketSmart stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

    Major donors make up a huge percentage of annual revenue for many organizations. MarketSmart understands the specific challenges of major and legacy gift fundraisers and has built the solutions to match.

    Check out the MarketSmart website for more information about their nonprofit consulting services.

    When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

    If you’re struggling to secure meetings with potentially high-value prospects, MarketSmart can help you adjust your strategy for greater success. Their team can also help you understand and cultivate the leads you already have.

    Harbor Compliance is the best nonprofit consultant for regulations.

    12. Harbor Compliance | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Licenses and Regulations

    Harbor Compliance’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

    Harbor Compliance is dedicated to helping nonprofits maintain compliance at any stage in their life cycle.

    Because the Harbor Compliance team deeply understands the regulatory needs of a nonprofit, they offer a comprehensive lineup of services that can grow alongside your organization.

    Their numerous nonprofit compliance consulting offerings include:

    • Formation. The road to forming a 501(c) organization can be a long and difficult one, but the right nonprofit consultant can help. The experts at Harbor Compliance have a 100% track record of IRS approval, so their formation services come with guaranteed success.
    • Charitable solicitation compliance. Harbor Compliance provides assistance to nonprofits in all aspects of nationwide charitable solicitation requirements. They can help your organization meet the prerequisite registration and disclosure statement requirements.
    • Industry licensing. Depending on the nature of your organization, you may need a specific industry license. Harbor Compliance can manage license application or renewal for nonprofits in any field, including healthcare, education, food service and retail.

    With Harbor Compliance as your partner, you’ll be able to start and grow your nonprofit with confidence that you’re always following the rules.

    Why does Harbor Compliance stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

    When dealing with regulatory agencies, you want an expert you can trust. Harbor Compliance has ample experience helping nonprofits manage all federal, state and local requirements. With their assistance, you’ll know your paperwork is always timely and accurate.

    Check out the Harbor Compliance website for more information about their nonprofit consulting services.

    When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

    Whether you are just starting out or already a nationwide organization, regulatory paperwork can be an overwhelming chore. Look to an industry leader like Harbor Compliance for help managing complicated requirements. This nonprofit consultant can be particularly helpful when you are just starting out or expanding to a new area with different regulations.


    LCK Consulting is the best nonprofit consultant for organizational growth.

    13. LCK Consulting | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Organizational Development

    LCK Consulting’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

    LCK Consulting focuses on enhancing leadership throughout organizations in order to develop performance and results.

    LCK’s philosophy is that leadership is not about the position, it’s about the person. Their nonprofit consulting services work to grow that leadership across your team.

    LCK Consulting has an organizational development process that focuses on four pillars:

    • Targeting. In this phase, LKC Consulting will examine your mission statement to ensure everyone on the team is working towards the same agreed-upon purpose.
    • Talking. Communication is foundational to a successful organization. The LCK team will evaluate whether your team, partners and stakeholders are talking (and listening!) effectively.
    • Teaming. This stage examines the structure of your organization. Your LCK consultant will help you build cohesive and functional teams that can collaborate effectively to achieve mission-related oals.
    • Timing. A clear and timely strategic plan is key to developing as an effective organization. But, the plan should also be flexible and allow for changes if needed.

    By analyzing these four pillars, LCK Consulting will develop an understanding of what’s working and what is not. Then, they can make recommendations and help you build a customized strategy to achieve results.

    Why does LCK Consulting stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

    This nonprofit consultant focuses on personal development as a gateway to organizational growth. LCK Consulting’s unique emphasis on self-awareness and authenticity can help your employees enhance their impact across your organization.

    Visit LCK Consulting's website to learn more about their services for nonprofits.

    When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

    If you’re looking to make an investment in the growth of your team members, LCK Consulting can help. Their nonprofit consulting services are appropriate for organizations of any size that want to develop a team-wide leadership mindset.

    ScienceSoft is the best nonprofit consultant for data software.

    14. ScienceSoft | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Data Software

    ScienceSoft’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

    ScienceSoft is an international provider of IT and software development with technical consulting services that cater specifically to nonprofits. With 31 years of experience in software and IT, ScienceSoft has developed technology solutions used by millions of users.

    ScienceSoft offers tailored technical solutions to help your nonprofit, including:

    • Salesforce consulting. The ScienceSoft team can help you implement Salesforce in your organization or make improvements to your current system. They can help you define and map objectives, build workflows and plan user adoptions.
    • Software development. ScienceSoft offers high-quality custom software development to help you solve the unique challenges facing your nonprofits.
    • Technology consulting. The landscape of nonprofit tech is constantly evolving. Choosing a nonprofit consultant like ScienceSoft that specializes in technology will equip you to choose and implement the right tools for your organization.

    Across its offerings, ScienceSoft helps organizations expand their outreach by improving tech capabilities.

    Why does ScienceSoft stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

    You need a nonprofit consultant who understands your CRM inside and out. ScienceSoft offers industry-leading expertise in Salesforce for nonprofits. With their help, you can utilize Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack to its fullest potential.

    Check out ScienceSoft's website to learn more about their consulting offerings for nonprofits.

    When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

    If you’re ready to start using Salesforce but need some guidance to make sure you’re getting the best results, ScienceSoft can provide the expertise you’re looking for. ScienceSoft can also provide technical consulting services if you need to improve your existing processes.

    Zobrio is the best nonprofit consultant for IT management.

    15. Zobrio | Top Nonprofit Consultant for IT

    Zobrio’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

    Zobrio creates powerful infrastructures and provides dependable IT support for nonprofits.

    This nonprofit consultant wants to create order and transparency throughout its IT and financial management services. With Zobrio, you can spend less time on the phone with your IT vendor and more time focusing on fundraising or other mission-centric activities.

    Zobrio’s solutions for nonprofits include:

    • IT support. Zobrio provides managed IT services to help nonprofits secure their networks and data. They can help you handle and protect your sensitive data and provide consistent monitoring services.
    • Network infrastructure. The Zobrio team specializes in reliable network and hardware systems for nonprofits. They can design, build, and support network infrastructure for nonprofits of any size.
    • Fund management. Zobrio nonprofit consultants work with popular systems including Abila MIP and Blackbaud Financial Edge.

    Why does Zobrio stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

    Because Zobrio has over 30 years of experience in IT and infrastructure, it emerges as a clear winner in technical expertise. Zobrio combines this strong tech prowess with a robust understanding of nonprofits in order to provide your organization with custom IT and network solutions to meet its unique needs.

    Check out Zobrio's website for more information about their nonprofit consulting services.

    When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

    If you’re tired of working with an IT support vendor that doesn’t have a good grasp of your nonprofit’s needs and values, Zobrio is a perfect fit. This nonprofit consultant is also especially valuable when your organization is first launching or moving to a new space due to their network infrastructure offerings.

    Changing Our World is the best nonprofit consultant for large organizations.

    16. Changing Our World | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Large Organizations

    Changing Our World’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

    Changing Our World works to see and create the future of social impact by providing consulting services to large nonprofits.

    Changing Our World works through a three-pronged process to maximize engagement: immerse, inform and implement. 

    This nonprofit consulting firm starts by immersing its team within your organization to understand your environment and conditions. Then, their team draws on past experience and expertise to inform a signature strategy. Finally, they work alongside large nonprofit partners to implement strategy from start to finish.

    This philosophy is echoed throughout Changing Our World’s services, which include:

    • Fundraising.  Changing Our World offers integrated fundraising services to help you meet your organization’s goals. This nonprofit consultant can help you build organizational capacity, develop and execute a campaign or launch a new fundraising program. Changing Our World can also help even the biggest organizations navigate a crisis or emergency.
    • Corporate social engagement. Many corporations are trying to “give back” and create social good, and this nonprofit consultant can help them do that effectively. The Changing Our World team can develop a corporate citizenship strategy or launch a cause-related marketing campaign. Changing Our World can also help organizations boost engagement and volunteerism.
    • Communications. An innovative communication strategy can help you connect emotionally with both donors and prospects. Changing Our World provides consulting for communications strategy and specific marketing solutions to maximize impact.

    Across these offerings, this nonprofit works to change our world one effort at a time.

    Why does Changing Our World stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

    With impressive past clients including the United Nations Foundation, Changing Our World is a trusted choice for large nonprofits who want to make a big impact. Their experience in corporate philanthropy also provides a unique perspective for all nonprofits.

    Visit Changing Our World to learn more about their consulting services for nonprofits.

    When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

    Changing Our World is a visionary team that can create measurable results for any nonprofit, especially large organizations that are related to faith, healthcare, and education.

    Ahern Communications is the best nonprofit for communications.

    17. Ahern Communications | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Comms Strategy

    Ahern Communications’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

    Ahern Communications operates under the principle that fixing small mistakes (that almost everyone is making) can yield huge results for your nonprofit.

    With a long career in writing, this nonprofit consultant has developed the skills and expertise necessary to help nonprofits successfully reach their goals for appeal campaigns.

    Ahern Communications offers a comprehensive array of services for improving your nonprofit’s messaging strategy, including:

    • Communications audits. The Ahern Communications team will discover all the flaws in your current communications strategy: confusing offers, jargon, readability issues and more. Then, they’ll provide a targeted plan for fixing these problems and avoiding future issues.
    • Direct mail. In addition to assessing the material you’re sending out, Ahern Communications can craft additional content. This nonprofit consultant’s skill for compelling writing will shine in your newsletters and direct mail campaigns.
    • Training. Ahern Communications offers valuable training in donor-centric comms so that your team can learn and grow.

    Even small communications issues can create massive consequences for your fundraising strategy, so Ahern Communications wants to help you build better appeals.

    Why does Ahern Consulting stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

    Ahern Communications is one of the nation’s most sought-after consultants for fundraising messaging. With a deft skill for appealing to prospects through writing, this nonprofit consultant can help you achieve the desired results from your communications efforts.

    Check out the Ahern Communications website for more information about their nonprofit consulting services.

    When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

    If you’ve never had a way with words, there’s no better nonprofit consultant to fill that gap than Ahern Communications. If you already have a powerful communications strategy in place, Ahern’s expertise could still help you find room for small improvements. 

    BWF is the best nonprofit consultant for healthcare philanthropy.

    18. BWF | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Healthcare

    BWF’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

    BWF is a nonprofit consultant that specializes in fundraising and philanthropy, with specialized expertise for medical institutions.

    The BWF team is guided by the knowledge that grateful parents and families are the most valuable philanthropic asset available to healthcare.

    This nonprofit consultant helps healthcare philanthropies reach this audience through services including:

    • Program implementation. BWF can help you develop and implement a custom fundraising program that is unique to your needs and your audience.
    • Direct marketing assessments. This nonprofit consultant can evaluate your current direct mail campaigns to see whether you are effectively appealing to appreciative patients and families.
    • Data science and analytics. The BWF team can help you make sense of your healthcare philanthropy’s past and current fundraising efforts. Then, you can take these insights to create a strong program supported by a collective belief in the value of your institution.

    In any program, BWF believes in collaboration both within and outside of your development office in order to maximize potential success.

    Why does BWF stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

    BWF is a major player in many areas of the fundraising space, but where they really shine is in their expertise in healthcare philanthropy. Their signature grateful patient strategies can help development officers in medical institutions to create more successful and sustainable fundraising programs.

    Visit the BWF website for more information about their nonprofit consulting services.

    When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

    If you are trying to develop a successful fundraising campaign in the healthcare industry, BWF has the right set of experience and knowledge to make it happen. With your BWF nonprofit consultant, you can create a strong collaborative strategy to appeal to former patients and their families.

    Choose Sleek Consulting as your nonprofit consultant for higher education.

    19. Sleek Consulting | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Higher Education Fundraising

    Sleek Consulting’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

    Sleek Consulting works with development offices in educational institutions and nonprofits to help them leverage fundraising technologies.

    After decades of advising hundreds of higher education and nonprofit organizations, this nonprofit consultant has extensive experience in a long list of fundraising databases including Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge NXT and Salesforce.

    Sleek Consulting wants to bring your development office into the 21st century through their offerings, which include:

    • System selection. Sleek Consulting can support your system selection process from start to finish. Their team will help you identify your specific requirements, work with vendors, evaluate the systems, and choose the right advancement software for your organization.
    • Implementation support. An error in software implementation can cost you valuable time and money. After managing hundreds of successful software implementations, these nonprofit consultants will keep your project on track.
    • Donor database support. Sleek Consulting can assess your current software systems and introduce new enhancements and automated processes.
    • Constituent engagement systems. The consultants on the Sleek team can help you develop and cultivate the lifelong relationships your institution depends on.

    Throughout these services and others, the development professionals at Sleek Consulting are guided by the principle that when you succeed, they succeed.

    Why does Sleek Consulting stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

    Sleek Consulting has worked with some of the nation’s most prestigious institutions of higher education, including Harvard Law School and the Wharton School. Their experience in maximizing software investments for educational institutions is unrivaled.

    Visit Sleek Consulting's website for more information about their nonprofit consulting services.

    When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

    If you work in a development office at a higher education institution, consider partnering with Sleek Consulting. Their development experts can help you get the most out of the systems you already use as well as recommend new best practices based on their years of experience.

    Westfall Gold is the best nonprofit consultant for events.

    20. Westfall Gold | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Events

    Westfall Gold’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

    Westfall Gold is a nonprofit consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations plan community-building event experiences for major donors. 

    By taking part in a Westfall Gold event like the “Major Donor Experience,” your supporters make the shift from transactional to transformational giving.

    To achieve exponential growth, your organization needs an accelerated program to form impactful connections with donors. This weekend-long experience engages your donors in a threefold approach. Throughout the event, this nonprofit consultant empowers your organization to:

    • Create the case. The first phase in a Westfall Gold event involves vision building. Their experienced creative team will work with you to develop an intellectual, emotional and transformational case to connect your donors. And while this step is intended to motivate the major donors in attendance, your case messaging will support your efforts long after the weekend is over.
    • Inspire trust. The development leaders at Westfall Gold will help your team follow best practices to build your donors’ trust. Establishing a strong relationship foundation during this weekend can translate into a lifetime of significant giving.
    • Build community. The Westfall Gold experience involves opportunities for donors to forge relationships between themselves and with you. This nonprofit consultant moves beyond donor-centric messaging to craft a truly donor-centric experience.

    Throughout the event, the Westfall Gold team handles logistics, technical details and services so that you can spend time building relationships with your donors.

    Why does Westfall Gold stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

    This nonprofit consultant offers an innovative event program to help you jumpstart unshakable donor relationships. With a Westfall Gold event, you can cultivate your community more quickly and effectively than with many other donor strategies.

    Head to the Westfall Gold website to learn more about their nonprofit consulting offerings.

    When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

    If your organization is ready to make a big leap to achieve big results with major donors, Westfall Gold’s nonprofit consulting services are a unique but undeniably powerful approach.

    Whole Whale is the best nonprofit consultant for data analytics.

    21. Whole Whale | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Data Analytics

    Whole Whale’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

    Whole Whale is a digital-focused nonprofit consultant that leverages web data and technology for social impact.

    Their data experts can help you gather and draw insights from the overwhelming amount of information available on platforms like Google Analytics. The Whole Whale team can help you make improvements and iterate on your processes to maximize your ROI.

    Whole Whale offers a suite of services and timelines to align with your nonprofit’s needs. A few of their project and retainer services include consulting on:

    • Web analytics. The Whole Whale team can customize and streamline your Google Analytics account so that you are making the most of your data. With their expertise, you can measure ROI and track your audience’s interactions on your website.
    • Conversion optimization. This nonprofit consultant specializes in optimizing your digital strategy down to the smallest details. With A/B testing, you can optimize page copy, layouts, content and more to help drive visitors towards conversions that will help your organization.
    • Advertising. Whole Whale can help your team manage the Google Ad Grant, which gives $10,000 in free search advertising but requires a strong knowledge of SEO for maximum impact. Whole Whale is one of only 30 organizations in the Ad Grant Certified Professionals Community, so they have the proven qualifications to help. This expertise also extends to paid advertisements too.

    Whole Whale is an international nonprofit consultant, with these services provided throughout North America, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Austria.

    Why does Whole Whale stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

    Whole Whale offers comprehensive and expert digital services to nonprofits large and small. Their emphasis on data and measurable results will help any organization understand and improve their online presence. This nonprofit consultant also has the unique goal of improving your organization’s knowledge and capacity so that their services won’t be necessary after the project is done.

    Go to the Whole Whale website for more information about their nonprofit consulting services.

    When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

    If you’re struggling to understand the huge amounts of data available in Google Analytics and Google Ads, Whole Whale can help your nonprofit find insights to maximize your digital impact, And with multiple accelerated packages for incubation, fundraising and growth, the Whole Whale team can provide a tailored solution for organizations of any size or stage.

    The Helen Brown Group is the best nonprofit consultant for prospect research.

    22. The Helen Brown Group | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Prospect Research

    The Helen Brown Group’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

    The Helen Brown Group is a fundraising research consultancy that has provided experienced prospect research and other guidance to over 1000 nonprofit organizations worldwide.

    Throughout their work, HBGers dedicate themselves to three main principles: fundraising ethics, continuous learning and a commitment to providing outstanding value to clients. These three pillars are reflected in the high quality of this consulting firm’s prospect research.

    The Helen Brown Group offers tailored solutions to fit the custom needs of your organization, but their services most commonly fall into four categories. HBG can provide:

    • Dedicated consultants. With a nonprofit consultant from The Helen Brown Group on your team, you’ll have a wealth of experience and strategy relating to prospect research and management at your disposal.
    • A la carte reports. If you need a targeted piece of information or a specific research question, the HBG team can find an answer. Their dedicated researchers can deliver robust profiles, wealth and philanthropy reports or due diligence research.
    • Data analysis. The Helen Brown Group can take on a data insight project to bolster your prospect research. Example projects include post-wealth screening verification and list building, annual fund modeling and RFM analyses.
    • Coaching and training. The HBG team can share their experience and expertise in prospect research and management with your fundraising team.

    Why does The Helen Brown Group stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

    The Helen Brown Group combines knowledge and expertise with cutting-edge technology to stay at the vanguard of prospect research. They even wrote the book Prospect Research for Fundraisers to share industry-leading insights. HBG is a trusted nonprofit consulting firm for both large and small prospect research endeavors.

    Visit the Helen Brown Group's website for more information about their nonprofit consulting services.

    When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

    Prospect research is at the heart of any successful fundraising campaign, so HBG’s services are a useful tool for almost any nonprofit. And because their offerings cover everything from an ongoing consulting relationship to an a la carte project, your organization will be able to find the right package for your situation.

    THD is the best nonprofit consultant for creative marketing.

    23. Thompson Habib Denison | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Creative Marketing

    Thompson Habib Denison’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

    Thompson Habib Denison is a full-service agency that drives nonprofit donor engagement and growth through creative marketing. Their nonprofit consulting services for your marketing needs are extensive, covering everything from social media to the production of direct mail.

    THD has a passion for doing good, and they work to fulfill this passion through building multi-channel donor experiences that engage, motivate and maximize fundraising revenue.

    As a full-service agency, THD’s offerings are expansive. A few of their specialized practice areas include:

    • Creative. THD can ideate and launch authentic, motivating campaigns across channels to help you find new prospects and engage your current donors.
    • Digital. Thompson Habib Denison will connect with your donors across many digital platforms. Their expertise includes email, mobile experiences, web experiences, Facebook and other social channels.
    • Production. The THD team can develop and deliver high-quality materials for donors. With their help, you can get a better response rate through cost-effective mailings.

    Thompson Habib Denison’s offerings span the entire donor life cycle to help you maximize engagement from every level of supporter. They also can focus specifically on identifying and cultivating your mid-level prospects for long-term growth.

    Why does THD stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

    The marketing experts at Thompson Habib Denison combine creativity with data-driven insights to create compelling campaigns that generate results. Their innovative and integrated strategies have been successful for some of the world’s leading nonprofits in almost every sector.

    Thomas Habib Denison's website has more information about their services as a nonprofit consultant.

    When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

    If your organization is ready to embark on a multichannel marketing campaign but lacks the creative vision, Thompson Habib Denison can develop a compelling strategy to support your mission.

    NextAfter is the best nonprofit consultant for free resources.

    24. NextAfter | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Free Resources

    NextAfter’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

    NextAfter is a nonprofit consulting firm focused on helping organizations optimize their online fundraising efforts.

    By combining the power of a research lab and a consultancy, NextAfter is trying to harness the power of the most generous generation in history.

    NextAfter is obsessed with asking and answering the question, “Why do people give?”. To find out, they run fundraising experiments and share the results with nonprofits everywhere. Their data-driven offerings include:

    • Research and resources. NextAfter boasts a research library of 1500+ fundraising experiments to help nonprofits learn more about their unique donors. These experiments and other educational resources can inspire your organization for new ways to optimize your online fundraising.
    • Training and coaching. The NextAfter institute offers in-person certification, workshops, webinars and online courses to help nonprofits learn new best practices and improve their current fundraising practices.
    • Consulting advice. Of course, many organizations need much more than a DIY approach. The NextAfter team can also apply their fundraising findings to help your organization accelerate revenue growth.

    Through their research, experiments and campaigns, NextAfter helps nonprofits reach more people, acquire more donors and generate more dollars.

    Why does NextAfter stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

    The factors that set NextAfter apart are its dedication to research and its commitment to sharing what has been uncovered. In-depth knowledge of the online fundraising space allows this nonprofit consulting firm to provide free educational resources and highly valuable consulting advice.

    Visit the NextAfter website for more information about their nonprofit consulting services.

    When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

    If you’re looking to dip your toes into fundraising optimization, NextAfter’s library is a good place to start without making a big investment. Then, once you’ve gotten more comfortable, you can explore the other nonprofit consultants on this list to make more substantial improvements.

    Campbell & Company is the best nonprofit consultant for executive searches.

    25. Campbell & Company | Top Nonprofit Consultant for Leadership Recruitment

    Campbell & Company’s Nonprofit Consulting Services

    Campbell & Company is a nonprofit consultant that offers a 360° approach to helping nonprofits examine challenges from every angle and move their missions forward.

    Although they offer a wide range of services, the team at Campbell & Company excels at helping nonprofits navigate the complex and difficult process of finding a new executive director. Campbell & Company has the research, database and connections necessary to recruit a passionate leader who believes in your mission.

    Their full suite of nonprofit services includes:

    • Executive search. Campbell & Company drives the entire executive search process: discovery and strategy, research and screening, interviewing and assessment and finally selection. At every phase, this nonprofit consultant works closely with your organization to understand your requirements, vision and culture.
    • Fundraising. This nonprofit consultant offers expert counsel to help organizations transform ideas into impact.
    • Communications. Campbell & Company consultants can work with you to tell your nonprofit’s unforgettable story and rally support from your stakeholders.

    Through their offerings, the consultants at Campbell & Company help thousands of nonprofits change lives, moment by moment.

    Why does Campbell & Company stand out from other nonprofit consulting firms?

    Campbell & Company is a national leader in nonprofit executive searches with the track record to prove it. Just in the last two years, their placements and the nonprofits they serve have raised a total of $1.3 billion dollars. Their team can leverage an extensive network of accomplished leaders to find you a diverse pool of candidates, and ultimately to find the perfect leader for your organization.

    Visit the Campbell & Company website for more information about their nonprofit consulting services.

    When To Work With This Nonprofit Consultant

    Campbell & Company’s services are most obviously helpful when you are about to embark on a search for a new executive director for your nonprofit, but this consultant can also help you recruit leaders for any area or department in your organization.

    The right nonprofit consultant can help your organization establish best practices and overcome any obstacle. To learn more about nonprofit consulting and see how it could positively impact your organization, take a look at these additional resources:

    Aly Sterling Philanthropy