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Individual donors are still the ones

Even during the most challenging years, individual donors are still the most reliable and generous of givers to nonprofit missions.

As a matter of fact, Giving USA 2021 tells us that overall giving hit a record $471.44 billion in 2020, led by individuals who gave $324 billion or 69%, an increase of more than 2% over 2019.

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Other highlights of 2020 giving:

  • A pandemic, racial and social justice movements, and economic need paired with lower corporate profits and an exuberant stock market created a challenging year and a complicated giving environment.
  • Innovation was the name of the game and nonprofits that deployed new strategies and technologies to reach donors saw real benefits, as evidenced by a record rise (13%) in online giving.
  • Foundation giving increased 17% percent to an estimated $88.55 billion as the stock market soared and funds streamed in to address emergent, and often local, needs.
  • Bequest giving increased more than 10% to an estimated $41.91 billion as multiple crisis likely caused people to plan for the future.
  • Corporate giving declined 6% to $16.88 billion, correlated to lower profits.
  • Giving priorities pivoted in 2020, resulting in increased funding for sectors addressing emergent needs related to the pandemic, racial unrest and other social/political issues. These sectors included education (medical research), human services, foundations (funding areas of greatest need) and individuals.
  • This pivot in priorities claimed one major victim: the arts, culture, and humanities sector, which saw a 7.5% decrease in giving.

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