Giving is more integrated into everyday behaviors and events than ever before, leading to a phenomenon we like to call “lifestyle philanthropy.”

We think it’s pretty great, because it makes philanthropy accessible to everyone and raises awareness of important issues like hunger, disease and homelessness.

Do you practice lifestyle philanthropy? To find out, consider this: have you ever “rounded up” in the checkout line? Have you brought a donation – instead of a gift – to a birthday party, at the request of the birthday boy or girl? Have you sponsored a friend running a marathon to raise money for a cause?

From shopping at the grocery store and dining out to buying a car or even investing in a mutual fund, there are hundreds of ways to contribute to charity or support a cause through “ordinary” acts. And thanks to this accessibility, regular people are making small – yet cumulatively impactful – gifts with their choices.

Does “lifestyle philanthropy” figure into your nonprofit’s fundraising plan? Are you looking for opportunities to raise dollars and awareness through everyday acts?

For more inspiration, check out this recent New York Times article about philanthropic trends in the wedding sector.

Best of luck in all you do!

Susan Harms, CFRM
Chief Operating Officer
Aly Sterling Philanthropy

Aly Sterling Philanthropy

Aly Sterling Philanthropy

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