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Putting our best foot forward in 2021

We’re putting our best foot forward in 2021 and are pleased to announce the following promotions. These “changes in latitudes” (thank you, Jimmy Buffet) recognize ASP team members for their dedication and expanded efforts on behalf of our clients and business over the last year.

Emily Croak, Vice President
Rachael Baldwin, Vice President
Terra Davenport, Client Relationship Coordinator

Contact us to find out how you can work with this stellar team to sustain your nonprofit mission or create a corporate social responsibility plan.

Your mission – nonprofit and for-profit – is as important as ever in 2021, and we can help.

Stacey Anderson

Emily Croak
Vice President

Rachael Baldwin

Rachael Baldwin
Vice President

Terra Davenport

Terra Davenport
Client Relationship Coordinator

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