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Don’t just onboard your board, evolve!

How many of us have joined a nonprofit board and felt clueless initially, assuming things would change over time? And a year later, we were still wondering how best to contribute in our role! It’s fairly typical unfortunately. This can lead to frustration on the part...

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Now’s the time to plan for nonprofit success in 2017. Five questions to get you started…

Are you on track to finish strong in 2016 and begin 2017 with optimism and confidence?

For nonprofits, this means effective fundraising processes are in place, boards are productive and leadership is focused on your organization’s unique challenges and opportunities. Prioritize your next steps by answering the following questions about key Q4 focus areas for nonprofits…

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Part II: Onboard Your Board

There can be an energy and excitement when adding new people to your board of directors. New skills! Fresh eyes! Eagerness and idealism! However, their eagerness and skills might not be fully utilized if their orientation and training as a board member falls short. How many of us have served on a board and not been entirely comfortable articulating its mission or programs?

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Tips for Your Board from TBS Columbus Participants

Last week I was thrilled to find out that participants in The Board Series (TBS) hosted by the Columbus Foundation (Ohio) had already begun to put their new knowledge to use! Their list of observations below – accrued after just one session of the series – provides a great summary of some basic ways to improve the focus and function of any board…

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