We really enjoyed being a part of last month’s Fundraising Strategies & Nonprofit Tech Carnival, and we’re happy to announce this month’s carnival will be hosted on our website!

When we decided to host this month’s Fundraising Strategies & Nonprofit Tech Carnival, we knew the topic would align perfectly with our content.

This month, the theme will be nonprofit staffing.

What is the Fundraising Strategies & Nonprofit Tech Carnival?

The Nonprofit Tech Carnival is a roundup of resources all about a set theme, and its host rotates with each new theme.

The goal of each carnival is simple. We want to curate informative and actionable advice for fundraisers and nonprofit professionals looking to home in on their standard practices and learn more about the ever-growing world of nonprofit technology.

You can learn more about the carnival and how to get involved by visiting the main page.

The Theme for This Month – Nonprofit Staffing

We’re looking for high-quality submissions that run the gamut, from case studies to technical articles to infographics. If you have something that we can learn from and fits the topic, send it in. We’re open to submissions about nonprofit careers, hiring best practices, how to handle staff turnover and much more. 

To send in your resource, simply fill out this form. SUBMIT BY JULY 26, 2017

Guidelines for Submissions

We would like to keep the resource submissions short and sweet. Here’s what we’ll need from you:

  • Your name
  • Your blog’s/website’s name
  • Your post’s title
  • Your post’s permalink
  • A short description of the resource and how it fits the theme

That’s all you’ll be sending! Questions about if your resource is the right fit should be directed to Taylor Gibbs.


Learn More About the Carnival

Have any questions about the carnival? Interested in hosting? Email Taylor Gibbs, who coordinates it.

For regular updates and news about the Fundraising Strategies & Nonprofit Tech Carnival, subscribe to the newsletter.


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