11 Nonprofit Job Boards For Finding Your Dream Career

Advance to the next level in your nonprofit career by exploring our roundup of top nonprofit job boards.

#1. Aly Sterling Philanthropy

Top Nonprofit Job Boards: Aly Sterling Philanthropy

Why this job board works:

Aly Sterling Philanthropy has extensive connections to the nonprofit sector and related highly valuable, available positions. Specifically, this job board helps connect nonprofits to qualified new executives. 

We also make the most of handy downloadable flyers and resources for applicants to print, reference and keep on file.

Include comprehensive resources such as this job board in your nonproift’s succession plan that you develop with your nonprofit consultant. Then, when it’s time to start researching new executives, you have everything you need. 


Contact Aly Sterling Philanthropy to learn more about pricing for their noprofit job board.

Locations Served:

Aly Sterling Philanthropy works with executive search clients in Ohio, Indiana and Southeast Michigan.

Aly Sterling Philanthropy's job board targets executive search.

#2. AFP Columbus

Top Nonprofit Job Boards: AFP Columbus

Why this job board works:

While the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) has chapters worldwide, their Columbus one in particular is an excellent example of this organization’s simple and effective job boards.

AFP Columbus caters to regional nonprofit professionals with an easy-to-navigate job board and thorough job posting details.

They also prominently display employer contact and application information for candidates to connect with you in a fast and convenient fashion.


  • $75 for a 30-day posting. 
  • $75 for email to membership.

Locations Served:

AFP is an international job hunting service with local and collegiate chapters in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Learn more about Aly Sterling Philanthropy’s nonprofit executive search services in Columbus, Ohio!

AFP Columbus is a great example of local nonprofit job board.

#3. CRFE International

 Top Nonprofit Job Boards: CFRE International

Why this job board works:

From NAYDO to The Giving Institute, Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) International is the premiere job search portal for many notable organizations.

Their online career center features one-of-kind employer services like branding solutions, bulkposting jobs and job posting videos. 

They also make it easy to manage applications, search resumes and set up email and resume alerts on your devices.


  • $195 member rate for 30 day posting.  

Locations Served:

CFRE International features a vast selection of nonprofit job openings across the United States and Canada as well as international job postings.

CFRE International is affiliated with many nonprofit groups like The Giving Institute.

#4. SocialFish

Top Nonprofit Job Boards: SocialFish

Why this job board works:

SocialFish is home to bulk employer backgrounds and nonprofit job listings for marketing, management and operations positions.

In addition to their job board, SocialFish offers professional services like reference checking, resume writing and career coaching to account users.

They also have a virtual library of employer resources on government compliance, the candidate experience and creating job postings.


  • $250 for single 30-day online job posting package.
  • $675 for three 30-day online job posting packages.
  • $995 for five 30-day online job posting packages.

Locations Served:

SocialFish displays nonprofit job openings in the United States and Canada in addition to international job postings.

SocialFish will help your nonprofit with bonus job hunting resources.

#5. Charitable Advisers

Top Nonprofit Job Boards: Charitable Advisers

Why this job board works:

Charitable Advisers is a local job search board that advertises nonprofit job openings both online and through a weekly e-newsletter.

Their specialty is featuring 20 custom candidate-screening questions as part of the resume submission process. 

With over 17,000 weekly subscribers in Indiana, Charitable Advisers has got you covered on the Midwest nonprofit job search front.


  • $199 for 30 day posting and two week posting in Indianapolis Not-for-Profit eNews.
  • $224 for 30 day posting, two week posting in Indianapolis Not-for-Profit eNews and candidate-screening questions.

Locations Served:

Charitable Advisers helps nonprofits in Central Indiana and Southeast Ohio. Learn more about Aly Sterling Philanthropy’s nonprofit executive search services in Indianapolis!

Charitable Advertisers targets Indiana and Ohio local nonprofits.

#6. Chronicle of Philanthropy

Top Nonprofit Job Boards: The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Why this job board works:

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a reputable nonprofit magazine that offers resources, grants and a job board to nonprofit professionals.

Subscribers can access their online self-service website, Philanthropy Careers, to place job ads and sponsor listings at the top of the job board.  

They can also highlight top jobs with prime placement on their home page and section fronts of Philanthropy.com.


  • $180 for a 30-day online job posting.
  • $333 to feature top jobs on their home page and sponsored listings.

Locations Served:

The Chronicle of Philanthropy promotes nonprofit job postings across the United States.

Chronicle of Philanthropy is a magazine and top nonprofit job portal.

#7. CASE

Top Nonprofit Job Boards: CASE

Why this job board works:

The Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) showcases prime education job openings to account users.

This platform makes it easy for education professionals to post and manage their resume/CV and set up job alerts via email.   

CASE also offers bonus career programs like: e-mentoring, advancement internships, graduate trainee programs and more.


  • $320 for a 30 day non-member post.

  • $575 for a 30 day non-member post and email to 8,000 members in education field.

Check out more of their pricing options.

Locations Served:

CASE promotes hundreds of national and international educational job postings.

CASE is the ideal job board for education professionals.

#8. Idealist

 Top Nonprofit Job Boards: Idealist

Why this job board works:

Idealist caters to both English and Spanish-speaking nonprofit job hunters with over 120,000 organizations and 1.4 million web visitors.

This website not only hosts top job listings, but coveted internship and volunteer opportunities in the nonprofit sector too.   

You can also access their career-hunting resources from resume-writing and interview preparation to motivational blog posts and success stories.


  • $95 per job posting.

Locations Served:

Idealist features remote and on-site nonprofit job listings throughout the United States.

 Idealist caters to English and Spanish-speaking nonprofit professionals.

#9. LinkedIn for Good

Top Nonprofit Job Boards: LinkedIn for Good

Why this job board works:

While most people are familiar with LinkedIn, many are still unaware of how this prime job hunting tool can cater directly to nonprofits.

LinkedIn for Good capitalizes on making individual connections to help nonprofit professionals find jobs, volunteers, board members and social fundraising strategies.    

They also target youth, veterans, refugees and members with instructional programs for managing nonprofit careers.


  • $299 per job posting for 30 days.

Locations Served:

With LinkedIn’s huge online social network, it’s no wonder they have nonprofit job connections all over the world.

 LinkedIn for Good uses personal connections for nonprofit job search.

#10. Indeed

Top Nonprofit Job Boards: Indeed

Why this job board works:

Indeed is as much an online job search resource for nonprofit professionals as it is for any other career field.

In addition to thousands of job postings, Indeed also allows nonprofit job seekers to look up organization reviews and position salaries.    

Indeed also allows you to search millions of resumes on desktop and mobile devices.


  • Free for any job listing.

Locations Served:

Like LinkedIn, Indeed’s massive online job portal connects professionals with nonprofit employers from all over the world.

Indeed allows nonprofit professionals to research salaries and company reviews.

#11. Center for Nonprofit Resources

Top Nonprofit Job Boards: The Center for Nonprofit Resources

Why this job board works:

The Center for Nonprofit Resources is committed to providing Ohio and Michigan nonprofit workers with the necessary tools for local job hunting success.

They allow members to post concise nonprofit job descriptions as well as offer professional development tips and workshops.  

The Center also features capacity building training and technical assistance, leadership mentoring, an online resource library and more.


  • Free for any job listing in their designated locations.

Locations Served:

The Center for Nonprofit Resources caters exclusively to nonprofits in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Learn more about Aly Sterling Philanthropy’s nonprofit executive search services in Detroit, Michigan!

The Center for Nonprofit Resources focuses on Ohio and Michigan nonprofits.

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