As much as we try not to take our work for granted, it happens.

And then an opportunity like the “Big Idea” edition of the City Paper comes along (see post below) and provides a humbling exercise in reflection on why our work at ASP “matters.”

You see, I believe the charitable sector is coming alive. It’s waking up and creating more than awareness of social and community needs. It’s providing opportunities to define our lives while helping solve real problems.

For example, research says that 47 percent of us will choose to buy a product that has a charitable connection over the same product that does not – even if the price is higher. Surveys of the Millennial Generation reveal that young people rank a company’s charitable connection to the community as one of the top reasons to select a new employer. And numerous studies reinforce what we’ve heard for years: volunteering and giving DO make us happier in all aspects of life.

This is huge! Just re-read that last paragraph. Who knew, 15-plus years ago when I started working in the sector, that these statements would be true? And that it would be possible to build a business dedicated to fostering this new reality.

What will the next 15 years look like? The answer to that question is full of mystery and promise, and is why I wake up excited. Every day.

This is an amazing time to be doing the work that we do – to be partnering with organizations and individuals to make their charitable efforts more purposeful and powerful.

A big thank you to the City Paper for giving me this opportunity to reflect and, most importantly, for highlighting the value of what we’ve been doing at ASP for more than seven years.

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Aly Sterling Philanthropy

Aly Sterling Philanthropy

Over the years we’ve helped nonprofits raise millions of dollars, engage their leaders, hire top-notch talent and grow their missions. Are you ready to move your mission forward? Contact us to get started.
Aly Sterling Philanthropy

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