Now that the dust has settled on your end-of-year fundraising frenzy and you’ve had time to process (literally!) the gifts, we want to know:

What was the best gift received by your organization in 2014 and why?

There are no requirements for this one, and it’s not a trick question! We just love to hear how your hard work and perseverance pay off, how your donors surprise you, and all the little tales in between. Please feel free to generalize and refrain from sharing names or other specifics that might make your donors or colleagues feel uncomfortable.

If your best gift story represents an outstanding best practice or innovative approach to giving, we’ll spotlight your organization in an upcoming news post and raid the office supply closet to send you a prize!

To share your best gift, please join us on LinkedIn and remember to click follow for future LinkedIn updates!


Aly Sterling Philanthropy

Aly Sterling Philanthropy

Over the years we’ve helped nonprofits raise millions of dollars, engage their leaders, hire top-notch talent and grow their missions. Are you ready to move your mission forward? Contact us to get started.
Aly Sterling Philanthropy

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